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september 13 - september 14

Lone Rangers


the lone rangers

Boogie Nights

The Lone Rangers have something for everyone. There is enough to satisfy your thirst for 90’s music and MORE than enough to get you and your friends out on the dance floor (bring an extra pair of shoes). Whether you’re looking of a night out with your best friends or you’re interested in booking a great band for your wedding or private party, the Lone Rangers do not disappoint. Contact us now to find out why everyone in St. Louis is talking about the band that is single-handedly bringing back the 90’s!

Friday,september 13

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September 20 - September 21

Old School 95.5

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Old School 3

Boogie Nights

Going back to the old School with 95.5 and DJ Kut…. Don’t miss one of the biggest party nights of the month. When Kut shows up we can almost guarantee a packed house. Reserve your booth early!! VIP Booth’s available, now with Bottle Service!

Saturday, September 21